Page 4 - 2023 Hopkins Towing Solutions Product Guide
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                                   Our Marketing and Engineering teams provide
       INNOVATION                  a relentless focus to create solutions that
                                   result in higher consumer satisfaction.

                                   By harnessing big data insights,
          INSIGHTS                 we uncover incremental growth
                                   opportunities for our customers.

                                   Beyond the industry best category support, we staff a
          SUPPORT                  team of five technical specialists who support consumers
                                   after their purchase to ensure their satisfaction.

                                   By delivering quality products at competitive

             VALUE                 prices, we provide the right balance between
                                   quality, cost and availability.

                                   We make life easier for customers with the
                                   opportunity to integrate purchases across all
           SERVICE                 Hopkins products through out state-of-the-art

                                   distribution facility located in Edgerton, KS.

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