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                  CHANGE TO

           THE HIGHEST


                                          Patented structural design combined with high strength,
                                          lightweight material makes the RhinoRamps® as strong as
                                          any other ramps on the
                                          market, resin or metal.

     FLUID MANAGEMENT  Better by Design                        Space Saving and Lightweight

              Strength and stability – that was our goal.
                                                               Our unique, nestable design not only saves space in
              RhinoRamps® achieve this with a Strong as Steel™
                                                               the consumer’s garage but more pieces on a pallet
              superstructure and integrated Core-Trac™ non-
                                                               means reducing footprint in the warehouse, on
              skid feet to reduce sliding during use. Adding our
                                                               the truck and minimizes space required on the retail
              superior tread pattern and wide design make these
                                                               shelf. This combined with our lightweight material
              the most secure ramps on the market. A reduced
                                                               allows for easy handling and portability making
              rise angle also works to accommodate low profile
                                                               RhinoRamps the best choice in lifting devices.

  124         vehicles … a feature most other ramps can’t claim!                              800-5
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