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THE RIGHT FUNNEL,                                            HIGH-PERFORMANCE -
                                                                        fastest growing segment
                   THE RIGHT FIT                                        within “fill” products

                  The diversity of the FloTool
                    funnel lineup is proven in

               delivering step-up opportunities
                     and comp store growth

                                                                           Giant QuickFill Funnel
                                                                           • Designed to hold large volume bottles
                                                                           • Built-in hand hold for a better grip
                                                                           • Filter screen included
                                                                           • No-mess splash guard
                                                                           • 8 3/4" wide x 12 1/4" tall
                                                                           10705 - 6 pcs. Cut Case

            Quickfill  Series funnels
            drive consumer satisfaction
            with performance features
            that DIYers value
                                                                           Super QuickFill  Funnel
                                                                           • Designed to hold one quart bottles
                           High-Performance                                • Built-in hand hold for a better grip
                                                                           • Extra wide neck for high-speed pouring
            The ultimate in funnel design puts best-in-class features to work to help   • No-mess splash guard
            the DIYer get the job done quickly and easily.
            Our high-performance funnels include “no-mess” splash guards, easy   05062MI - 12 pcs. Open Stock
            grip hand holds, speed channels and wide spout openings for high
            velocity pouring. Simply put, these funnels set the standard for fluid
            handling performance.

            FloTool® continues to be the leader in developing high margin funnels
            that are specific to certain tasks, making fluid handling easier for the
            consumer. These include measuring and mixing, gasoline control,
            transmission fluid and more. Task specific products generate increased
            revenue for you and higher satisfaction for the consumer.
     FLUID MANAGEMENT  Our multi-purpose funnels include unique step-up features such as the   QuickFill  Funnel

            “no-mess” splash guard, bottle rests and flexible spouts to get to hard
            to reach filler holes. These middle price point items are key to product
                                                                           • Speed channels maximize flow rate
            differentiation, offering balance and flexibility in your planogram.
                                                                           • Distinct hand hold for a better grip
                                                                           • No-mess splash guard
                               Basic Series
                                                                           10718 - 10 pcs. Cut Case
                                                                           10718WR - 12 pcs. Off Shelf/Wire Ring
            The FloTool® Basic Series of funnels provide essential fluid handling
            benefits at a value. Typically purchased by the budget-oriented
            consumer for smaller engine applications and general tasks, these
            pricing strategy.

  132       funnels play a pivotal role in any “Good – Better – Best” product and             800-524-1458
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